- About Us -

The birth of Cool and Gang is to create a unique identity umbrella for youths to identify themselves as Cool and Gang and feel respected by their colleagues and the society at large. Lately, in London, the youths have engaged themselves in gang activities thinking is the only way they can be accepted and respected by their colleagues, this led to many stabbings lately in London, kids ruining their lives unintentional thinking is the only way. We Cool and Gang has taken a closer look into the eyes of these young kids and feel the silent search of help in their eyes, they feel ashamed and abandon to speak out, end up going to jail or losing their life, leaving their loved ones with heartbroken.
Cool and Gang is here to save these kids by letting them know that being a Gang is not the way, we want to let them know that they can be Cool and keep the gang in them, creating attracting and respecting image of Cool that will help them want to identify themselves as Cool to feel respected instead Gang.
We can not achieve this alone, for this we want every adult to identify him/herself as Cool and Gang by wearing a Cool and Gang collection and stands on what we represent so that young kids can follow. Together we can.
We use every penny we make to support young growing kids, giving them a hand to fix up in the right way with the society, mostly the ones that feel left alone on earth.